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Are there hypnosis tapes geared toward weight control?

Audio Hypnosis And Your Weight

Looking to shed a few pounds? Willpower is not always enough to do the trick. Pills and fad diets tend to have short-term effects at best. What you need to do is change your mind about how and what you eat. Audio programs for weight loss may be what you need. By gentle suggestion, you can retrain your mind to make healthy decisions about food. In turn, you'll feel better about yourself and your choices.

Can I get alternative medicine hypnotherapy sessions on CD?

The Convenience Of Hypnotherapy on CD

For a convenient and portable way to receive the benefits of hypnosis, why not try hypnotherapy CDs? Essentially, CD hypnotherapy offers guided self-hypnosis. A trained therapist pre-records a typical session, which allows you the ease of experiencing hypnosis in your own home, on your own time. Although it is recommended that you see a hypnotherapist to begin your course of work, hypnotherapy CDs can be a wonderful supplement to your program.

How will audio hypnosis improve my memory?

Using Audio Hypnosis For Better Memory & Concentration

The human brain is capable of retaining everything it has ever heard, read, or long as the desire to do so is there. Audio tapes and CDs have been developed to help you develop memory and concentration skills. Your mind learns to register important information, retain it in your memory, then retrieve it later when you need it. Many people have benefited from this hypnosis technique, from students to the elderly. There's no doubt an improved memory can come in handy when you need remember things like phone numbers, PIN codes, even where you put those darned car keys...

Can hypnosis tapes make me a better person?

The Sound of Hypnosis

Audio hypnotherapy can be an excellent tool for empowerment. It may seem obvious, but an important aspect of a successful audio hypnosis CD or tape is the therapist's pleasant, soothing, and confident voice. You expect to click with a hypnotherapist with whom you work in person, right? The same rule should apply to a virtual therapist. After all, you are going to hear his/her voice a lot during the course of your work!

Are pre-recorded CDs and tapes a viable method of undergoing hypnosis?

Audio Hypnosis: What It Helps

Audio hypnosis is a convenient way to get the benefits of hypnotherapy through self-hypnosis. However, not every legitimate use of hypnosis translates well into audio hypnotherapy format. Because of the interaction necessary between patient and medical practitioner, some topics are not appropriate for audio hypnosis programs. These include: Clinical depression, healing burns, childbirth, recovering from abuse, and surgery.

How does audio hypnosis aid in stress relief?

Beat Stress With Audio Hypnotherapy

We've all been there. Bad day at the office, stuck in traffic, long lines at the store, noisy house... It all adds up to one stressful you! Wouldn't it be nice to have a few minutes a day to relax? Stress relief audio hypnotherapy may be just what you need. These brief audio programs use soothing music and inspiring reaffirmations to rejuvenate you. Best yet, they fit perfectly into your bag or briefcase, not to mention your schedule!

Can I use audio hypnosis to hypnotize myself?

Options For Self-Hypnosis

One great way to experience self-hypnosis is through the use of audio hypnosis CDs and tapes. Think of them as personalized, one-on-one sessions with a hypnotherapist that you can take with you wherever you go. Even better, the only schedule you need to check is your own! Audio hypnosis fits perfectly into the rhythm of your daily life, allowing you to get the benefits of self-improvement in your own way and on your own time.

Are there alternative medicine hypnotherapy recordings available?

Hypnotherapy On Tape

Today's fast-paced world often means we cannot take time out for hypnosis sessions in a therapist's office. Luckily, hypnotherapists have made it easy to get the same effects by recording guided sessions on. There are audio cassettes available for nearly every hypnosis topic, from smoking cessation to curing insomnia, and are easily portable from home to office. You can even take them on vacation!

Are there impractical or unsafe uses for audio hypnosis?

Audio Hypnosis Can't Help Everything

Using tapes and CDs for hypnotherapy is practical, convenient, and effective. However, they are not appropriate for all ailments and disorders. Due to the complex nature of the body, certain physical procedures such as surgery and anesthesiology are not effectively achieved with the aid of audio hypnosis. Psychological dysfunctions or other issues that require interaction with a therapist are also inappropriate for audio hypnosis programs. These include depression, abuse recovery (chemical and physical), and childbirth.

What is audio hypnosis?

The Basics of Audio Hypnosis

Audio hypnosis is a convenient way to get the benefits of hypnotherapy on your own time. Designed to assist you in self-hypnosis, sessions are pre-recorded by trained hypnotherapists and are most commonly available in tape and CD formats. Each hypnosis tape or CD is specifically geared to any number of topics, ranging from smoking cessation to improving your golf game!

Will a hypnosis CD help me quit smoking?

Stop Smoking With Audio Hypnosis

Tried everything to quit smoking? You may want to put down that cigarette and pick up a smoking cessation CD or audio tape. Using the skills of hypnosis, these tools can assist in your desire to stop smoking once and for all. Besides imparting the power of suggestion, many of these audio hypnosis tapes and CDs teach you to use fuller breathing techniques. These, combined with relaxation guidelines, point you toward successful end to your smoking addiction with long-lasting results.

Can I use self hypnosis tapes I make myself?
Can hypnosis CDs help with pain management?

Pain Management and Audio Hypnosis

Chronic pain is, quite frankly, a pain. But there are now many hypnosis tapes and CDs on the market that can help. In reality, the brain itself does not feel pain, although your mind sends signals to the rest of the body in the form of pain to let you know something is wrong. While audio hypnosis is not a one-shot cure for pain, it can assist in redirecting your mind's energies, thereby alleviating discomfort. Be sure to see a medical professional before embarking on a course of pain management through audio therapy.

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