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Who is a good weight loss hypnotherapist?

Dr. Roberta Temes: Sleep & Weight Loss

Dr. Roberta Temes is one of the most valued sleep and weight loss hypnotherapists in the world. "Dr. Roberta" has her own website and although she is based in Brooklyn, NY, she has conducted hypnosis sessions all over the world...by telephone! She is even the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis. Her thorough approach helps make the concepts of hypnosis accessible to everyone.

Can a hypnotherapist help my marital problems?

Dr. Joel D. Block: Relationships

Relationships are hard. No question. But there's a man who has devoted his professional life to helping others through the use of hypnotherapy. Dr. Joel D. Block is an award-winning psychologist who works in sex and couples therapy. He is the author of several bestselling books, a number of magazine articles, and has also appeared as a guest on several national television programs. Dr. Block is also the host of "Ask The Relationship Guru" at Lifestyles.com.

Where can I find a sports hypnosis specialist?

Dr. Jack Singer: Sports Performance

A powerful motivational speaker, Dr. Jack Singer is best known for his great works in the area of sports hypnosis. With his unique approach to hypnosis, he allows athletes to put into practice the saying, "If you can dream it, you can become it." Dr. Singer is a strong believer in mind-body medicine as a powerful tool to help us accomplish all we are meant to achieve both physically and mentally.

How do I become a certified hypnotherapist?

Becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist

Are you a medical professional? Have you considered becoming a certified hypnotherapist? More and more health care workers are turning to hypnotherapy to enhance their work. Hypnotherapy certification programs are readily available throughout the US and Canada. But remember: When choosing an institution from which to become certified, be sure to research its background to assure it is a reputable one.

Who is a good sex hypnotherapist?

Dr. Lonnie Barbach: Love & Sex

It takes a special therapist to deal with sensitive issues like sex and intimacy. Dr. Lonnie Barbach has earned a reputation as one of the best in her field. With a number of self-help books on the market -- including the bestselling Pleasures -- Dr. Barbach has reached out to thousands in need of real sexual healing! From premature ejaculation to becoming a better lover, there is not much Dr. Barbach brings her experience on the clinical faculty of UCSF Medical School to her thorough work as a hypnotherapist.

Is there a hypnotherapist who can help me reduce pain?

Dr. Maggie Phillips: Pain Management

Dr. Maggie Phillips directs the California Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. She is a licensed psychologist who specializes in the use of hypnosis for pain and healing. Dr. Phillips has led workshops on hypnosis, psychotherapy, and the effects of childhood trauma, and uses of energy therapies in mind/body healing throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia.

Who is a respected self-esteem hypnotherapist?

Dr. Shirley McNeal: Self-esteem & Anxiety

We all get down on ourselves from time to time. It's natural. But when we don't seem to be able to get out of that rut, our productivity decreases and our level of anxiety increases. Dr. Shirley McNeal is a well-known hypnotherapist who specializes in building (or rebuilding) one's inner strength. She was the recipient of the 2003 Milton H. Erickson Award for Scientific Excellence by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, an author, and clinical practitioner of high regard.

How will an independent hypnotherapist help me?

Working With An Independent Hypnotherapist

Independent practices tend to provide more personalized service to their clients. Independent therapists enjoy complete flexibility and discretion in making decisions. Because they are smaller than group practices, the therapist is able to regulate exactly who s/he works with in hypnosis therapy. In most cases, this translates into more intensive attention to you.

Is there a hypnotherapist who can help me with procrastination?

Dr. Neil Fiore: Productivity & Success

Want to change your life for the better? You may consider turning to a professional hypnotherapist. One of the most celebrated inspirational speakers in his area of specialization, Dr. Neil Fiore has helped his clients overcome procrastination and develop the skills necessary to live at the peak of their productivity. Dr. Fiore is also a former president of The Northern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis. His training sessions have been held across the country, in such places as UCSF, Stanford and the Smithsonian Institute.

What are some questions I should ask a potential hypnotherapist?

Top Five Questions To Ask Your Potential Hypnotherapist

1. Are you a certified hypnotherapist and by whom?
2. How long have you practiced hypnosis therapy full-time?
3. What are your specialties?
4. Do you have experience in addressing the problem you want to address or in attaining the goal you want to achieve?
5. How many clients for your specific are have they treated, and how many successfully?

Who is a recommended hypnotherapist for children?

Dr. Joyce Mills: Child Psychology

Remember how much you loved stories as a child? Dr. Joyce Mills does, and she's made a successful career of helping kids through hypnotherapy and storytelling. Internationally known for her play therapy techniques and the use of Ericksonian hypnotherapy to assist her clients, Dr. Mills is the founder of The StoryPlay™ Center and Co-director of the Phoenix Institute of Ericksonian Psychotherapy. Her well-loved bed-time stories have been published by Magination Press, a division of the American Psychological Association.

What should I look for when choosing a hypnotherapist?

What To Look For In a Hypnotherapist

It is important to make sure your hypnotherapist is a professional. Don't just stop your search simply because s/he has a CH (Certified Hypnotherapist) after his/her name. True professionals in the field are also licensed physicians or psychologists, with a thorough training in psychotherapy. When choosing a hypnotherapist, be sure that he or she also has experience in treating your particular condition.

What should I avoid in a hypnotherapist?

Warning Signs Of An Illegitimate Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis is a practiced science used by mental health professionals to help people improve their lives. There are some "hypno-quacks" out there who are interested in your money, not your well-being. When choosing a hypnotherapist, use your common sense to avoid therapists who offer outrageous promises. These can include increasing your psychic ability, making you taller, giving you luck, and making you more financially stable.

Who can I turn to with my anxiety problems?

Dr. Muriel P. Warren: Stress & Anxiety

Dr. Muriel P. Warren's work in trauma and stress relief is a boon to society. Her many books on stress and hypnosis, are only part of her vital work in hypnotherapy. She is also Executive Director of the Warren Trauma Institute, which was initially developed to assist those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, such as what happened following the 9/11 attacks. The Institute also trains therapists in the use of hypnosis and other therapeutic techniques for the treatment of trauma.

Who practices Ericksonian hypnotherapy?

Dr. Eric Greenleaf: Ericksonian Hypnosis

Considered one of the premiere hypnosis trainers in the world, Dr. Eric Greenleaf has over 35 years of experience in hypnotherapy. Ericksonian hypnosis uses suggestive language and guided imagery to assist the patient in overcoming his/her ailments. Dr. Greenleaf's capitalizes on that communication between the conscious and unconscious so that his clients can live more productive lives.

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