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Is hypnotizing a child easier than hypnotizing an adult?

How Children Respond To Hypnosis

Children do not fully develop cognitive processes until they reach the age of 11 or 12. Until that age information is uncritically experienced by the child rather than being processed and critically evaluated. Children do not worry about the same theories and facts about the world. Because of this, they are more readily able to go into trance than adults. Their focus is very fluid and they can move in and out of trance states in a very natural and relaxed way. Hypnosis can work well for children, but only when practiced by a good hypnotherapist with a solid background in psychology.

Do hypnotic sessions need to last a long time for children?

Length of Inductions For Children

It is sometimes perceived that because many children have short attention spans, hypnosis may not be effective for children. In reality, hypnosis and child psychology work well together. Children can go into trance so easily that long inductions are not necessary. Often, storytelling is involved in the session. Children respond quite easily to a hypnosis story, and create images of the desired results.

Is storytelling an effective hypnosis tool?

Storytelling and Hypnosis in Children

"Storytelling during hypnosis is often used in the treatment of abused children. By a story, the therapist gains an opportunity to use comforting suggestions, symbolism, and metaphor to provide the emotional distance necessary to deal with the trauma of abuse. Hypnotherapy begins by building of a sense of safety and security. From here, the storytelling can introduce imaginative sharing. It is easier to introduce reality at this point. The final step is addressing complex emotional issues of loss, trust, love, and guilt brought about by the abuse.

How can hypnotherapy help children?

How Hypnotherapy Can Help a Child

Children deal with a lot of the same physical ailments as adults do. Similarly, they can benefit from hypnotherapy in a number of these trouble areas. These include pain management, asthma, and cancer treatment. Psychological stresses can also be helped, such as death, divorce, accepting a new baby, and adapting to change in general.

How can hypnosis help my child in school?

Hypnosis and Education

Hypnosis is a good tool to strengthen your child's confidence in using natural gifts and talents. Simple techniques can be taught so that your child learns ways to help herself in school or performance or competition. Using these tools can make childhood an easier place for your son or daughter.

Is hypnosis safe for children?

Is It Safe To Hypnotize Children?

Keep in mind that hypnosis utilizes relaxation and deep focus. The results are meant to be beneficial for the individual. There is no reason why children cannot experience the same empowerment as an adult, albeit at his/her level of psychological development. As with any form of hypnotherapy, it is best to begin treatments with a trained hypnotherapist. Some therapists have been specially schooled in hypnosis and children. Seek them out in order to have your child achieve maximum results.

Is hypnosis appropriate for children?

Hypnosis Topics Appropriate For Children

Some of the common problems facing children can also be helped by the use of hypnosis. Fears and anxieties such as perceived threats to home and safety are perhaps the most common. Typical ailments with kids can also be overcome. These include bed wetting, thumb sucking, and nightmares. And let's not forget issues at school! Coping with bullying, building confidence, study habits and more are aided with the use of hypnotherapy.

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