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Good Stress, Bad Stress

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Is all stress bad?

Good Stress, Bad Stress

Stress is an overused word. But maybe that is because it is so common. Generally, we use the word "stress" to refer to bad stress, or dis-stress, but there is also good stress, called eu-stress. This good stress is necessary for progress, in the life of a person or a society.

In athletics, you have to stress your muscles and nervous system to get stronger, faster, and more skillful. This stress takes the form of a slight overload. Push too hard and you may get injured. Keep pushing without allowing for adequate recovery, and you will be overtrained. Compare this with stage 3, exhaustion, of the General Adaptation Syndrome. But if you don't push at all, you won't improve.

Work hard at your job and learn new skills, and you will succeed. Push too hard to get ahead too fast, and you will burn out. Take the time to adapt to each new situation.

It's not too hard to choose the good stress. Just have patience and think things through. Self-hypnosis will help you keep on an even keel.

Don't delete something that's good for you just because it's a stressor. An exercise program, for instance, is a stressor, but it's eu-stress. Make room for it.



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