Working with a Partner

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Can I practice self-hypnosis with someone else?

Working with a Partner

You can practice hypnosis with a partner, reading the induction, relaxation, and deepening to each other. You can work with a friend some time and alone other times. Just find someone who is serious about learning. Use the suggested induction scripts or write your own. When you write your suggestion, that can also be read. Don't forget the trance termination. Take turns being the "hypnotist," reading the script, and being the "subject," being hypnotized. Take a break between sessions. You can also buy or make a recording of the script as we discuss in another section, and listen to it together. Make sure you communicate to your partner if you want her/him to read faster or slower. Do you want to work with more than one partner? You can work it out. Just don't let the social aspect overshadow the learning aspect. Practicing with others does not make you learn self-hypnosis better or faster than practicing by yourself. Some people are more motivated if they work with someone else. It's your choice.



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