Changing Your Routine

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When should I change my self-hypnosis routine?

Changing Your Routine

There are a number of reasons to change your practice routine, most of them good. Getting impatient and wanting immediate results is not a good reason.

If your schedule changes, and it is no longer convenient to practice self-hypnosis at the same time, change to a more convenient time. It may take you a couple of days to adjust, but it's better than forcing yourself to do something that will be inconvenient.

You may be going on vacation or having company that will prevent you from being in a situation where you can practice easily. It won't hurt to skip a few days. You can always work in a partial practice, such as doing just the relaxation or induction.

Does it seem your routine isn't working? Have you given yourself enough time? Do you realize that a light trance can be effective? If you're still unsure, try changing portions of the routine. Use a different induction. Spend longer, or less time in relaxation. Skip a day or double up on some days. Some slight change will help, and if you consider your reactions, you will know what it is. Remember, there is no bad self-hypnosis session. You always get something out of it.

When you start using suggestions in a full session, you will learn how long to use a suggestion before changing it. In the case study that follows, you will see that it took the individual quite a while to reach her goal, but she could see progress along the way.



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