Be Present

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Does it matter what tense the hypnotic suggestion is phrased in?

Be Present

Your subconscious doesn't distinguish between now and later. Whatever you tell it, it takes as now. The past is gone and the future never comes. When it gets here, it's the present.

Always phrase your suggestion in the present. Your subconscious takes things literally. If you use future tense, why should it work on the suggestion now? Even if what you are programming your subconscious for will occur in the future, you have to phrase your suggestion in the present.

If your suggestion says, for instance, "I am going to practice the piano every day," you are allowed to put it off because it implies the future. It's better to say, "I practice the piano every day," or "I practice playing the piano every day after dinner."

If you say, "I am convinced that I should floss my teeth," it doesn't say you are going to do it. Use something like, "I floss my teeth after brushing every night."

Note that you can give yourself a suggestion to do something in the future. This is called post-hypnotic suggestion. In stage hypnosis, the hypnotist may tell his subject that she will jump up and start dancing when she hears a bell. In self-hypnosis, you might tell yourself that you will get up at 6 the next morning and go running.



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