Using Sample Scripts

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How do I give myself a hypnotic suggestion?

Using Sample Scripts

This section consists of some sample scripts. You can use all or parts of them or use none and write your own. You will probably want to personalize your script in any case. Each sample script contains a possible key word. These samples are to give you an idea of how a script should read. They are fairly short. That's what works for me, but you can make yours as long as you want. There is a lot of flexibility here. I try not to be too authoritarian, because I know that different things work for different people. Use what you want. Create the rest. Experiment and trust your instincts. Self-hypnosis helps you get in touch with them.

The script is the suggestion in a form to be delivered. If you're recording your self-hypnosis tape, or working with a partner, you can expand the script to contain the induction, relaxation, and deepening as well.

If you are using the key word version, just practice the induction, relaxation, and deepening without worrying about the exact words. It will come automatically. Remember, hypnosis is a natural state. It will all come together for you.

The elements of your self-hypnosis session are induction, relaxation, deepening, suggestion (script), visualization, and trance termination. Yes, I said that before, plus preparation.

If using a recording, when you get to visualization, just say: See yourself as a nonsmoker, or whatever successful completion of your goal is. Note that you can speak to your subconscious in either first or second person, whatever feels most natural.

If using the key word approach, after saying the key word to yourself, sit quietly letting your script reach your subconscious, then when you're ready, visualize yourself having reached your goal. Count yourself back to full awareness with your trance termination, and you're good to go.



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