Healing Injury

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Can hypnosis be used to heal injury?

Healing Injury

Injuries are inevitable in sports, and in everyday life. Although self-hypnosis does not substitute for medical care, it does have uses in healing injury.

Self-hypnosis can also help prevent injury by promoting concentration, stress relief, and correct technique in sports and exercise, and even activities like gardening.

If you have, say, a badly sprained ankle, you can promote healing with progressive hypnosis. The progressive approach has to do with the phrasing of the suggestion so that it address an ongoing effect. Here is an example.

My ankle is getting better every day. The ligaments are healing. The nerves and blood vessels are returning to normal. The pain in my ankle subsides as the ankle heals. I apply ice to my ankle every day. I elevate my ankle when I am seated. My ankle is getting stronger. My ankle is quickly retruning to normal strength and flexibility. I do my ankle exercises. My ankle improves constantly and heals quickly.

Key word: healing

Be sure you change your suggestion to keep up with the healing process. There is no need to talk about pain if there is no longer pain. If you no longer need to ice the ankle, take that out. You can be more specific about your exercises and put in how much you will walk when that is appropriate.

Self-hypnosis can also help recovery from disease. Just use the same approach, and say that you are getting better and that the treatment you are receiving is working. Emphasize that you are optimistic and feel better each day. A positive attitude will aid your recovery.



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