Sticking with Exercise

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Can I use self-hypnosis to get myself to stick with exercise?

Sticking with Exercise

You know exercise is good for you, but it's often difficult to make time for it. Self-hypnosis can help you do that. Here's a sample script for walking 30 minutes a day.

I walk for 30 minutes every day. I look forward to my walk. I enjoy it immensely. It makes me feel great to walk every day. I know I am becoming healthier by walking. I feel energetic because I walk every day. I am invigorated after my walk. I set aside 30 minutes every day for walking. I adjust my schedule to make time for walking. I schedule my walks. Walking helps me control my weight. My heart if stronger. Exercise is part of my day. I wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. I am aware of my surroundings and always walk carefully. I enjoy the scenery. I enjoy seeing my neighbors. Some of my neighbors feel motivated to walk by seeing me. Walking improves my life every day.

Key word: walking

If there is a day when you have a good reason not to walk, just override this with a self-hypnosis session that makes an exception for that day. Use something like "I skip walking today but resume walking 30 minutes tomorrow." If you're not currently exercising, get yourself walking first (if that's what you choose), then do another suggestion to get yourself to the gym twice a week or practicing yoga every other day, or whatever else you want to do.



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