Weight Loss

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Can self-hypnosis help with weight loss?

Weight Loss

Weight loss is another common goal for usng self-hypnosis. But then, weight loss is a common goal whatever the technique. Self-hypnosis does work for weight loss, but the approach is not as straightforward as with most other goals.

The problem is multi-faceted. You have to eat the right number of calories (usually less than you are eating now), and you have to exercise. With many people, there is a psychological factor as well. And, of course, unlike smoking and goals to lose bad habits that are done with you're done, with weight loss, you still have to eat.

Can you just turn the whole thing over to your subconscious? In most cases, you have to do some other things first. Do you have to eat less? Do you have to exercise more? For most people who need to lose weight, the answer to both is yes. Do some research to find out what healthy, low calorie foods really are, and what is a good intake to meet your weight goals. Consider what exercise you like to do, so your subconscious has the right data to work with.

Start with self-hypnosis for more exercise or for better eating. Choose one, then when you have some success, work on the other. (If you are already, for example, exercising an hour a day, but your diet is bad, just work on the eating part.)

Once you have laid the groundwork and are eating less and exercising more, you can bring your subconscious into the final goal, which is weight loss.

A loss of one or two pounds a week, on average, is generally recommended. You can lose more with extreme weight loss measures, but it is less likely to stay off. Set intermediate goals, if you have a lot to lose. If you weigh 200 lb, for instance, and want to weight 160, set your first goal for 180, a 10% reduction. When you reach that, set a new goal. Visualize yourself at that goal weight, and see yourself standing on the scale, with the scale reading that weight.

I knew a professional hypnotist who said she lost 50 pounds just by visualizing a sign with her goal weight on it often during the day. You can incorporate this idea with your self-hypnosis routine. Be patient and consistent, and you will succeed.



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