Self-Contained Goal

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What will I get out of self-hypnosis?

Self-Contained Goal

Your goal, as you read this book, is to learn self-hypnosis. As we point out elsewhere, you get stress reduction as part of the package. That may be all you're interested in right now. If so, it is your short-term goal and your long-term goal.

Most of you probably have additional uses in mind for self-hypnosis. You have changes you want to make in your lives. You can see those as long-term goals.

You may be tired of hearing about goal setting. Sometimes it sounds as if you're supposed to sit down and plan out the rest of your life. Few of us are ready to do that. Let's take a more casual approach.

The first goal is self-contained. That is, stress reduction and relaxation are contained within learning self-hypnosis. When you have that going, what do you want to do next? You may want to go farther with stress reduction or apply it to a stress-related condition.

Or you may not want to do anything for a while but practice. It does feel good.

You may know of something else you want to work on, even before you learn the procedure. You may want to stop smoking, lose weight, or gain confidence. There are probably a few things you'd like to work on eventually. We'll learn to list them later.

Your goal will be your answer to the question: What do I want to do next with self-hypnosis? Break it into short-term and long-term segments, if appropriate, write your suggestion, and get going.



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