Which Goals Come First?

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What goal should I work on first?

Which Goals Come First?

Sometimes it's hard to decide what you really want for yourself. There are too many demands in modern life. We often have problems deciding what to do first. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, for instance, but that is too indefinite a goal for our purposes. You have to consider the steps needed to get there. Enrolling in a class to improve your skills or knowledge is a direct step, for instance. Buying a Ferrari with credit cards is not.

Do you have so many goals you can't decide what to work on? Good. That shows you are ambitious and ready to go. Choose a minor goal first so you can build up confidence before you get to the things that are most important to you. Work on one thing at a time When you achieve that, you can go on to your next goal.

What is a major or minor goal? That's up to you. Suppose you think you should drink more water. You don't object to drinking more water; you just don't think about it during the day. This is a good example of a minor goal, and one that will probably show some good success. Then you can go on to more important or more abstract goals.

Sometimes you do need to get to important things right away. If you have the bar exam coming up next month, you''d better get right to it.



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