How Long Does Self-Hypnosis Take to Work?

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How long does it take to reach a goal in self-hypnosis?

How Long Does Self-Hypnosis Take to Work?

How long will you spend on a given self-hypnosis goal? It's generally considered that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. That's what you are doing--forming a new positive habit to replace an old, negative one.

Once you have spent 21 days working on a given goal, it will stick for some time and you can go on to another. It is helpful to refresh your goal every few months by doing a few sessions with the same suggestion, or a slightly different one if you want to progress farther on the same path.

Some goals take longer, but you should see results in 21 days. If you are quitting smoking, you will probably have stopped or cut back by day 21. Continue until you feel you can resist an urge to smoke, no matter how long it takes.

If your goal is to be comfortable with public speaking, for instance, 21 days will probably be enough time to accomplish that. After that, you will get better by actually practicing public speaking. You can give yourself a post-hypnotic suggestion to make that happen. (In this case, a post-hypnotic suggestion is just something like: I get better at public speaking every time I speak before a group.)

Refer to the case study in the practice section for an example of a situation where reaching a certain goal took almost a year. The goal was to conquer a serious phobia. The individual did see results as she went along.

If you don't get results in 21 days, try changing your suggestion, or rethink whether this is a goal you really want, and not one someone else wants for you.



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