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How do I relax enough for self-hypnosis to work?


After you are prepared, do the induction, as given in the induction section. You will feel pretty relaxed after the induction, but it's best to go further. Next, you totally relax your body. You will use a type of progressive relaxation, but without tensing the muscles before relaxing them. This will be a total system relaxation that is cumulative. Here is your relaxation routine. You can record it, have someone read it to you, or just read it over a few times and then go through the routine on your own, without worrying about the exact words.

Start at your toes. Feel your feet relax as you wiggle your toes, Now let the relaxation come into your ankles and your lower legs, and feel yourself letting go of all the tension in your feet and legs. The wave of relaxation next comes up to your knees, lets the large muscles in your thighs relax, and moves into your hips and up to your waist. Now pause for a moment and feel all the tension leave your lower body, just melting away. It seems as though even your internal organs are relaxed and renewed. Your muscles are warm and loose, and your tendons and nerves are flexible and relaxed. Now let the relaxation move through your chest to your shoulders. The relaxation spreads to your lower back and on up into the broad muscles of your upper back. Your arms are loose and the relaxation goes into your fingers. Your hands feel warm and tingly. Now let all the tension in your shoulders just drift away. See the tension leaving your body and vanishing. The relaxation now moves up into your neck and on to your head. The surface of your scalp wants to relax too, so just let it go. Finally, let all the small muscles of your face just let go. Let the tension drain from your forehead, your cheeks, and your chin. Let your jaw relax and your teeth part. Breathe easily and let go of any remaining tension in your body. You are now totally relaxed, warm and comfortable. Every muscle and nerve is totally relaxed and you are calm and content. Take a moment to enjoy this wonderful total relaxation.



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